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About Us

We are part of the ONE Junction Network ( which is a collection of Best Regional Junction Networks in the world. For further information, please click the respective links below.

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  • Agency / Volunteers With Us

    The agency and volunteering program has been started recently for our website. Those who wish to participage in our agency program, please contact us.

    As a registered agent, you will be notified (or) given the necessary instructions for any products and services that we launch. The agents / volunteers can assist in finding new users to use our online services. The agents can also involve in showing the online shopping demonstration to the sellers for various items.

    The agents will be provided with necessary help whenever and wherever required. Some of the frequently asked questions are given below.

  • What are the minimum requirements for the agents / volunteer?
  • The minimum requirement is just that the agent should be having an internet connection and running some shop or business in any part of this region.

  • Can the agent display this web site logo in their premises?
  • Yes. Definitely. All agents are allowed to display this web site logo in their premises.

  • Should the agent be very skilled in the computer (or) internet related field?
  • Not necessary. The basic knowledge of browsing the internet is very much sufficient.

  • What are the responsibilities expected from the Agent?
  • The agents are expected to get familiarise with the product and service offerings in this website. And introduce them and bring new users for the website.

    Also the agents can bring their suggestions and concerns regarding this website and all their comments will be considered for the benefit of all users.

  • Is there any incentives paid to Agents?
  • Yes. The agents are entitled for incentives on every profit that they bring in. The interested agents can contact us for more information.

  • I am running a browsing center in this region. Can I register as agent for this website?
  • Yes. Definitely. You can be a registered agent for us. You can introduce this website to your customers and get incentive for the profit that you are bringing in. For more information, please contact us.

  • What is the procedure for becoming an agent for this website?
  • After visiting our website, if you trust in our growth and want to be part of our team as an agent. Please contact us.

    Our representative will be meeting in person in your region and explain you the terms and our procedure in detail. You can ask as many questions as possibile to get better picture. If you are completely satisfied with the proposal, then you can agree to become an agent.

  • Is there any mandatory targets to meet for each agent?
  • No. There are no such targets at the moment. The agents are allowed to make contributions at their own style. There are no compulsions and minimum targets to achieve.

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